Former Sonic Mania devs are making an original 3D platformer

By most accounts, Sonic Mania is the greatest matter to arrive out of the venerable series in ages – an excellent tribute to the previous game titles led by users of the fangame local community. Numerous customers of that crew announced their own studio, Night Star, back in 2019, and now we have last but not least acquired a handful of aspects on what they’re creating.

“Evening Star is at this time operating on our debut title, a entirely original 3D motion platformer video game run by our Star Engine”, the devs say on the recently-up to date formal web-site. The Star Engine is built to efficiently guidance “non-photorealistic rendering techniques”, and “can be noticed as the superior definition companion to the Retro Engine” made use of to build Sonic Mania.

The devs say they have a publishing associate lined up, and more particulars are coming “soon”. (They are also searching to do some choosing, if you are in the market place for a advancement position.) Sonic Mania director Christian Whitehead is serving as innovative director and guide motor architect.

3D system games haven’t appreciated really the very same contemporary renaissance as their 2D counterparts, though video games like A Hat in Time, Yooka-Laylee, and the contemporary Crash and Spyro revamps have undoubtedly been valiant tries.

Here’s hoping that the Night Star venture proves as great as Sonic Mania.

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