Dota 2’s next hero is Marci from the Dota: Dragon’s Blood anime

Dota 2 is having a new hero this autumn. It truly is Marci, the mute bodyguard from Netflix’s Dota anime, Dota: Dragon’s Blood. She’ll be a part of the match in an update “coming shortly.”&#13

This is the character expose trailer, which was proven these days on the penultimate working day of The Global, Dota 2’s key tournament.&#13

I originally browse that Marci was coming “this drop” and considered, ah, correct, 6 or so months absent. But no, it’s Oct, it is virtually Christmas, what is heading on.&#13

Valve didn’t supply a great deal additional detail about Marci in an accompanying website article. In the anime, she is the bodyguard Princess Mirana and expert in hand-to-hand fight. That is all I know mainly because I failed to essentially check out the anime – it looked, from trailers, like it hadn’t retained the weirdness of the precise sport. But then I hear from others that it was very good, so I dunno.&#13

Before this calendar year Valve added a pores and skin for Dragon Knight to make him glance like his (blandly heroic-searching) anime incarnation. &#13

Dota: Dragon’s Blood is receiving a next time, while it does not at this time have a launch date.