Cheats and cosplay: how Zullie the Witch became a Dark Souls legend

Cheats and cosplay: how Zullie the Witch became a Dark Souls legend

The local community all-around FromSoftware games is voraciously curious. Soulsborne games are pulled apart and inspected for clues about their ambiguous lore. Minimize material is reinstated and character types are explored from new, in some cases horrifying views – typically in the pursuit of information, often to emphasize the remarkable craftsmanship that goes into producing game titles, and, each now and then, just for a chortle.

There are several figures who do this noble do the job, but handful of have been as impactful as Zullie the Witch. Zullie’s channel provides a peek powering the curtain throughout the collection, showing exactly where enemies disguise just before spawning in, poring around character versions from angles you can by no means check out in-activity, and unmasking mysterious NPCs. Sometimes they will also launch a horror present of monster near-ups, or reveal absurd bugs like Frampt’s deal with turning into pure nightmare fuel when you leap-attack them. There is hardly ever any voiceover, just a number of minutes of Cheat Engine experiments with some jaunty qualifications music.

We spoke with Zullie about their mysterious name, how they obtained began messing around with Dim Souls match files, and their programs for the Elden Ring launch day.

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