Arataki Itto Is The Latest Genshin Impact Sensation On Twitter

An illustration of the Genshin Impact character Arataki Itto carrying a club.

Illustration: miHoYo

The Genshin Impression group is abuzz around the future arrival of Arataki Itto, a new character who hails from the game’s Inazuma country. In an uncommon transfer, Genshin developer miHoYo formally introduced the character right now, properly in advance of his tale quest visual appearance in the video game by itself. When minimal is nevertheless identified about how he variables into the game’s total narrative, it’s the revelation of what he seems like that has gamers so excited.

On Oct 5, a leaked screenshot of Itto was posted to a Chinese forum. However, it only captured his overall look from the back, so until he was formally introduced now, all that players could discern was that he was a claymore-wielding character. Genshin has experienced constant troubles with leakers in the previous, and miHoYo lately put authorized force on the video sharing web page Bilibili to reveal the identities of beta leakers. Today’s announcement by miHoYo came as a shock, but the motion may perhaps stand for a strategic exertion by miHoYo to defeat leakers to the punch.

The complete reveal of Itto’s look has definitely offered players a large amount to converse about. According to thirst tweets, it appears that the older geo-element character Zhongli now has competition for the title of “Geo Daddy.” Itto is tall, he’s buff, and he’s not sporting a shirt. When other male people have shown some skin in the earlier (hunting at you, Kaeya), Genshin Influence’s character roster has largely been dominated by very bishounen boys. I’m not complaining, but a good deal of gamers like their anime adult men to seem strong and muscular, and Itto is just one of the number of Genshin people to match the invoice. Some gamers have even when compared him to strong characters with comparable appearances such as Kyojuro Rengoku from the manga Demon Slayer and Ibaraki Douji from the mobile match Onmyouji.

The stick to-up announcement mentions that Itto is portion oni, which would make him related to other mixed characters this kind of as the fifty percent-adepti Ganyu and Yanfei. But in contrast to individuals characters who come from much more respectable governing administration backgrounds, Itto is the chief of the “Arataki Gang.” His backstory indicates that his identity is a lot more chaotic, which could be an exciting departure from how figures who share Itto’s affiliation with the game’s geo factor are generally portrayed as lawful great.

In terms of gameplay, all we know proper now is that he’s a geo-component character who wields a claymore. That could reveal that he shares a gameplay market with the 4-star character Noelle, who is recognised for high personal problems output and some support abilities. But it is also entirely attainable that the developers could place a heavier emphasis on his assist skills, or make him a significantly more powerful DPS character than Noelle. Since they share element and weapon overlap, I’m just hoping that his launch does not develop into Kokomi vs . Barbara, spherical two.

The launch day for Itto’s character banner is at present unannounced.