AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Review

If you spend a lot of time in your gaming chair playing video games, you should really outfit your room with an ideal gaming desk.

It doesn’t matter whether you compete for fun or for a living; getting a fantastic gaming table provides you with plenty of room to keep coordinated and ensure precision when playing.

As a result, before purchasing the next gaming desk, it is critical that you do thorough analysis and make an informed decision.

Let’s take a closer look at the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table, which is currently one of the most common gaming desks on the market.

AndaSeat was a well-known producer of race car seats for Mercedes-Benz and BMW. The organization has collaborated with several of the most prestigious companies in the Esports industry to create high-quality game materials such as gaming chairs and gaming desks.

Dimensions and Form

When purchasing a gaming desk, you must weigh two factors: the table’s size and shape to ensure that it can work in your room.

With its 55” (L) x 23” (W) dimensions, the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table is an excellent option if you play with two displays (W). This area is large enough to accommodate your computers, keyboard, and other gaming equipment.

And if that isn’t enough, consider this:

It includes a headset stand, a full-sized mouse pad, a multifunctional cable tray, and a cup holder.

Aside from the many helpful features, the table is 29″ tall, which is the normal height for machine desks.

This game desk is perfect for multi-purpose use due to its sheer scale. You can’t go wrong with the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table, if you want to game, function, or do a little of both.


Since gaming sessions will last for hours at a time, relaxation should be one of your main priorities. Every aspect of your gaming experience, from your chair to your gaming desk and gaming gear, is essential.

The AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table has a practical style that will help you stay organized. Some of the additional features include cable control storage and a headset holder, which can minimize clutter on your desk so you can concentrate on your game or job.

The stable R-frame stands and flexible leg pads keep the table stable even on rough terrain. A shaky game desk would not provide you with an enjoyable gaming experience.


A game desk is a costly piece of furniture. As a consequence, you should think about longevity and choose the longest-lasting alternative on the market.

The components used in the manufacturing of any computer table, as well as how well they are constructed, can determine their longevity.

The tabletop of the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table is made of durable carbon fiber text PB.

This top is skid-proof and wear-resistant, making it ideal for gaming mice.

But here’s the catch:

Because of its revolutionary structural architecture, this game desk outperforms the majority of its rivals. Its frames are fortified with a steel structure and firmed with a strong load-bearing.

The bearing improves stability, enabling gamers to play with greater precision.

It has strong metal R-frame legs that can support a weight of up to 330 lbs.

Money Well Spent

The AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table is one of the company’s most successful designs since entering the Esports industry.

Because of its large surface area, carbon fiber texture, and other long-lasting materials, it provides excellent value for money.

The extras, such as the multifunctional cable package, headphone hook, and cup holder, are a welcome addition. These mean that your game experience is seamless and long-lasting.

AndaSeat guarantees the accuracy of its goods by including a lifetime warranty on the steel R-framed legs. The remainder of the components was secured by a 2-year guarantee.

What’s the insane part?

By AD Care, you may stretch the warranty to a period of 6 years. Everything you have to do is take a fantastic photo of your screen table setup and hashtag it #AndaSeat on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitch, or YouTube.

Copy the post URL, submit it to the AndaSeat help account, and wait 5 working days for a confirmation email.

In Conclusion

To summarize, the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table is one of the finest and most durable gaming tables available.

As a result, it is a good choice for multi-purpose use. This gaming desk will not let you down whether you want to function or play.

You will comfortably remain organized and efficient thanks to the spacious and imaginative architecture. The carbon fiber finish is appealing and wear-resistant, making it suitable for use with any gaming mouse.

This gaming machine is the perfect size for any computer consumer. However, since the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table cannot be adjusted in height, this is dependent on the versatility of your gaming chair.

There are almost no flaws that can deter you from purchasing this gaming desk. It is the ideal size and consistency for any casual or professional player.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:56:41.