Among US Game Review

Innersloth created and published Among Us, an online cooperative social deduction game that was launched in 2018. Despite being available globally, the game failed for many years to draw Western viewers before exploding in popularity in 2024.

I’ll share my views on the game in this review to help you determine whether or not you can play it.

PC, Android, and iOS versions of Among Us are currently available.

For this study, I’ll look at both the PC and Android models to see if they compare.

The First Steps

Among Us, like any other social deduction game, has its own quirks that make it stick out. The idea is straightforward: four to ten players are transported to one of three maps and must perform different tasks as a space crew.

The twist is that not everyone seems to be as naive as they seem. 1 to 3 players are given the Imposter’s position, which allows them to destroy their fellow crewmates while escaping detection, depending on the host player’s settings.

Meanwhile, the team must track down the traitors or complete all of their missions until it’s too late and the Imposters outnumber them. There’s a little more depth to filtering down possible perpetrators, but the formula is clear enough that anybody with a basic understanding of video games will participate.

How Does Gameplay Work?

In theory, Among Us seems to be a reasonably simple undertaking. Completing assignments, reporting some unusual activity, and, most obviously, living to see another day are all critical goals. However, things can easily fall apart in rehearsal, particularly for unwitting crewmates.

Depending about the party you’re playing in, accusers will either spend the whole game complaining about perceived “sus” actions while the Imposters go undetected, or they’ll spend the whole game arguing about perceived “sus” activity while the Imposters go undetected. In certain situations, you’ll have to protect yourself or face being booted by your own crewmates without cause.

As a result, the experience focuses more on psychological manipulation than on athletic ability. The activities you must perform are all fairly straightforward and normally need just one input. You must, though, stand still for a few seconds while a console covers a portion of your frame, making you exposed to any surrounding Imposters.

The best aspect of the game, in my opinion, is when you’re actually chosen to be the Imposter, so they have a lot more weapons at their hands and no real risks to deal with. You’ll almost certainly succeed if you can persuade the majority of the team that you’re innocent, or better still, turn them against one another.

However, if a dead body is reported or the red button is pressed, a large portion of the game is spent sending out notes in text-based ‘Emergency Meetings.’ This is where I’ve had both my happiest and bad gaming experiences.

Although there’s nothing quite like banding together with your crewmates to vote a known conspirator out, being ejected isn’t nearly as much fun, particularly when you realize you’re innocent.

Breakdown of the Game’s Output

Games that need a continuous internet link are inherently more vulnerable to problems than those that do not. There’s bound to be a hiccup as you consider the number of players required to start a game and the reality that Among Us supports crossplay between PC and smartphone.

While I haven’t had any problems when playing on the PC, I haven’t had the same luck on the mobile edition. When I wanted to review a message or move to a new program, even if just for a few seconds, the game would crash. This meant I had to hold the game open after I started it, even though I was just waiting for a lobby to fill up.

There’s still the issue of players cracking the game to expose the Imposters, cancel Emergency Meetings, and otherwise ruin everybody else’s experience. At the height of the game’s popularity, this was a far bigger problem, and Innersloth has done an excellent job of putting in place steps to keep hackers at bay.

Another small problem I’ve had with the mobile edition is that I can’t buy any beauty products for my character. Although I can look at different caps, cats, and costumes, any time I try to check out, I get an error message. That, though, is more likely a problem with the Google Play store than with Among Us.

Breakdown of Graphics and Sound

Among Us has a ton going for it in terms of presentation. Sure, it won’t take first position in the category of “Best Looking Game,” let alone second or seventh. However, if you’re like me and spent the early to mid-2000s playing flash games on sites like Newgrounds and, you’ll appreciate the 2D cartoony aesthetic.

The use of various colored space suits to reflect each character is a cool touch that makes it easier to keep track of who’s who. Even though I like The Skeld’s simple style, the maps are all well-designed and feature ample visual flare to keep things interesting.

Among Us achieves a ton with limited sound cues in terms of sound architecture. When you communicate with each station on the ship, you’ll hear the different beeps and boops you’d expect to hear. Based on the kind of floor you’re stepping on, the tone of your character’s footsteps can shift.

The horn that plays at the start of each match, on the other hand, is the sound that has stayed with me the most and has most definitely always rooted itself deep in the back of my brain. It’s supposed to signify the start of the game, and it starts playing as soon as the words “Crewmate” or “Imposter” show on your computer, sealing your fate for that session.

The Final Decision

If you like to play games with your mates, you’ll find Among Us to be a satisfying experience. Though playing does not necessitate a high level of ability, persuading other players to vote in your favor does necessitate some mental gymnastics.

Having said that, the game isn’t suitable for everybody. You don’t get any experience points or unlock any cosmetics just for completing the game, and the absence of a combat pass or any kind of redemption system ensures the only thing keeping you going is the pleasure of arguing with your crewmates. Just make sure you complete your assignments and stay with the squad, and everything should be well.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:56:41.