Amazon MMO New World Is Possibly Still Bricking Some GPUs

Colonial warriors stand in a field across from a tower that's exploding into magic crystals.

Screenshot: Amazon

Amazon’s colonialist resource extraction MMO, New Entire world, is now the hottest new video game on Steam, really actually in some situations. Far more than a number of players are reporting loud enthusiasts and substantial graphics card temperatures whilst managing the game, and from time to time even just though queueing for it. And then there are the reviews of the activity bricking costly GPUs completely.

“We have folks sending in emails that their GPUs are no extended doing work right after enjoying New Entire world,” customized Computer system builder web-site PowerGPU wrote on Twitter yesterday, as to start with noticed by Personal computer Gamer. “All this suggests is they didn’t play the beta and we were being anticipating these that didn’t to have the identical concerns.”

Amazon did not straight away reply to a request for comment.

New Entire world’s Computer needs are nothing at all much too demanding, even for an MMO. But the video game can be a source hog, getting whole gain of better-finish components when they’re offered. This dilemma cropped up more than the summer throughout New Entire world’s beta, main far more than a single EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 card to get cooked in the process.

Amazon pushed out a patch to cap New World’s framerate in an hard work to continue to keep GPU hundreds in line, but the genuine offender appeared to be production flaws in the individual series of playing cards influenced, as EVGA later on stated in an interview. The cards were doomed to fail at some level New Planet just transpired to be the canary in the GPU mine, so to discuss.

That is why PowerGPU now states it was anticipating this to materialize after extra gamers with potentially faulty graphics playing cards started out providing New Earth a test. It’s not just EVGA GeForce RTX 3090s possibly. Gigabyte cards appear to be in the mix as properly. “My ‘Gigabyte 3080 Ti OC’ was destroyed by New Planet has the bug been patched nonetheless?” wrote a person player on the game’s subreddit. There are a number of other anecdotal studies of playing cards bricking there, as effectively as common grievances about spikes in GPU temperatures when participating in.

Even if New Globe isn’t the immediate offender, it is continue to regrettable for the individuals involved. Whilst it is far better to locate out there are creation issues in a $2,000 card even though it is continue to below warranty, ongoing inventory shortages and supply chain troubles imply sellers are not just drowning in substitution elements. In the meantime, New Globe players can consider the excess precaution of building sure their graphics card firmware and drivers are up to day, and that the game’s framerate is capped in the settings menu.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 13:08:48.