Alleged Robbery of Pokémon Cards Makes National News In Japan

In Japan, convenience stores like 7-Eleven are found all across the country.

This 7-Eleven was the web page of the incident.
Screenshot: TBS

Even though almost every person who desperately desires Pokémon playing cards waits in line or pays top quality costs on the online, there are the occasional and unfortunate exceptions.

In Japan, a 25-year-old male in Hiroshima is accused of attacking a faculty pupil as he exited a 7-11 with a box of newly ordered Pokémon cards. Mainstream national media, like Nippon Television, FNN, and TBS, have included the incident.

By 6 a.m. this morning, many police had been on the scene, collecting evidence. Press were on the scene as very well.

The playing cards went on sale at midnight, and the incident is alleged to have happened at 3:30 A.M. The sufferer was leaving the 7-11 with the 150-count box of cards, which is priced at 4,950 yen ($45) but instructions as a lot as double on the net. The victim was regularly punched in the encounter as he headed down the highway, absent from the comfort retail outlet.

The suspect is then reported to have escaped in a compact car or truck.

In accordance to FNN, authorities think that the suspect traveled from place to location, only to come across the cards offered out—which is not uncommon these times for the newer sets. The suspect has confessed to the attack and theft in a sworn affidavit, and the authorities are investigating the incident even more to have an understanding of specifically what took place.

As Kotaku noted previously this thirty day period, Pokémon playing cards have been drawing prolonged lines in Japan this calendar year, with hundreds lining up for the cards all throughout the region. Those people circumstances, nonetheless, have been absolutely free of fights. For the reason that of that, this allegedly robbery of a one box of Pokémon playing cards seems all the far more abnormal. From time to time in Japan, oddball neighborhood information tales go national. With all the hype around Pokémon playing cards at the instant in Japan and all around the globe, that appears to be to be the situation.