42 new names for FIFA that EA can use free of charge

EA Sports FC is staying mooted as the prospective new title for FIFA, EA’s football recreation juggernaut. As names go, it is really fantastic, but it can be a bit boring, no? It most likely took some internet marketing execs a month to workshop, but it can be about as generic as names get.&#13


So, observing as we want the finest for EA’s football collection, we’ve set our heads jointly to arrive up with some new names for FIFA. In this article are 42 new names. Do permit us know which are your favourites.&#13

  • Soccer (Soccer) Simulator
  • Daniel Levy’s This Video game Is not For Sale 23
  • Virtual Soccer
  • Pro Soccer Folks
  • The Kick Folks

  • Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Soccer
  • Steve Bruce Cub Soccer
  • Soccer is Exciting Alright
  • Calm Down Glenn Football
  • Football Entire world
  • Play on Alternate and Pretend it really is PES 23
  • No Time to Dive
  • Jesse Linguardians of the Galaxy
  • VAR Football 23
  • Again of the Web Soccer
  • Kick Ball (Aside from Toss ins (and when the goalkeeper handles it)) 23
  • Exxxtreme Football
  • Football OLED
  • Ted Lasso Soccer – Feel Edition
  • Football is Lifestyle
  • Football Dread

  • Isaac and Commander Shepard Football All-Stars
  • An arm of the Saudi Arabian authorities Football 23
  • EA Sports’: It is really in the Lootbox
  • UEFA 22
  • Wayne Rooney’s Avenue Striker 22
  • Soccer AM Tubes Soccer
  • Jose Mourinho’s Bus Parking Simulator 22
  • It really is Never ever Coming Household Soccer – England Version
  • #OleOut Soccer 23
  • Sportswashing 23
  • Gareth Southgate’s Waistcoat Costume-up
  • Luke Shawshank Redemption Soccer 23
  • Fikayo TomOri and the Will of the Wisps
  • Ajax Legends
  • Moura’s Edge
  • Moussa Sissoko Result
  • Messi Outcome
  • Harvest Toon: Mike Ashley Version
  • Marcus Rash(ford) Bandicoot 4: It can be About Time
  • Danny Williams Soccer
  • Tales of (Declan) ARice

That is it. I am confident you can agree that this was perfectly really worth your time (and ours) and that EA now has a hard determination to make.&#13

FIFA 22 (which could be the previous time we see the activity use that name) is out now on rather a lot each platform. Verify out our guides, like FIFA 22’s wonderkids and FIFA 22’s ideal strikers.&#13

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:56:41.