What Does Smite Do In Minecraft PC Top Secrets Revealed

What Does Smite Do In Minecraft PC

The discussions regarding what does smite do in Minecraft PC have fired up. The changes with your PC affect it. Every new edition brings a massive shift in the enchantment. Your computer system provides more opportunities to use them to get quick results. It kills undead mobs like skeleton horses, drowned, zombies, withers skeletons, and many more.  

Furthermore, every damaged stage increases the level to 2.5. Ultimately, the 5th level has the effect of 12.5 damage to the undead creatures. The Smite, Sharpness, and Arthropods bane are not compatible with each other. It means in Minecraft smite enchantment PC; you only have one option. Either you use Smite, Sharpness, or Bane Arthropods. It’s not possible to use it at the same time.

Moreover, the Smite and bane of Arthropods hurt more than the Sharpness. But Sharpness can deal with all kinds of mobs. It’s not only for undead mobs but also for killing others. 

To which level, What Does Smite Do In Minecraft PC?

If you are using the weapon without enchantment, you can’t destroy the undead mobs. The primary damage will happen, and your battle becomes useless. It will take time to overcome them.  

On the other hand, it boosts the destruction level when you use the weapons. Let’s have a look at the types of changes that can come up after getting it. For example, if you want to kill the zombie, you have to use Sharpness three times its value. But if we use an enchanted weapon, it will kill in two attacks.

Therefore, it’s declared that it’s always essential to have it to fight with enemy mobs. 

What Does Smite Do In Minecraft PC when put in weapon?

Smite is a weapon of destruction. Therefore, you can only use it with axes and blades. There are the following swords in which we use that feature: 

  • Sword of Netherite 
  • Sword of Diamond
  • Sword of Iron
  • Sword of Stone
  • Sword of Gold 
  • Sword of Wood

Also, in axes category;

  •  Axe of Netherite
  •  Axe of Diamond
  •  Axe of Iron
  •  Axe of Stone
  •  Axe of Gold
  •  Axe of Wood

That kind of magic increases the weapon’s damage. When you use the same level of Sharpness, the effect will rise to a higher level. One of the bosses, the Wither, is undead. Hence, it’s a significant advantage. And it’s easy to smash the backbone of the enemy fastly. 

Smite Minecraft PC Command

Infect, there isn’t any command used in the game. But you can get it by eliminating the undead mobs. You will need a book, blocks, and diamonds to place on the table and bookshelves. You will select the weapon first while playing on the computer. Now, power up your table with Lapis Lazuli and enchant it. 

Application of Smite in Minecraft

It’s greatly recommended if you want to clear up the giant undead creatures. You come across such mobs while playing the game. If you are a beginner, it’s ok to play without it. But if you are an expert and want to get to a higher level, you need to set up the table and bookshelves. There is some material you have to get before applying to upgrade after efficient mining. The players will become eligible to apply XP and levels up around the world.

Last but not least, once you have acquired the power, you want to level up more quickly. You advance up the weapons as well. You should know at that stage what does Smite do in Minecraft PC. Enemies can appear anywhere, and if your mining is vital, the deeper you go with your gaming experience.  

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