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What Does Smite Do In Minecraft 1.12

What is Smite in Minecraft?

Smite is a pretty sincere enchantment, and it gives the player a buff for the damage dealt. By reducing the damage inflicted on undead mobs, smite increases their level of damage. In addition, it can increase the level of wear on the undead mobs. In addition to swords and axes, smite enchantments have five stages. In addition to the first level, each subsequent level increases the damage by 2.5, resulting in death.

Minecraft is full of undead mobs. Unfortunately, in many cases, we do not remember which ones are undead.

In our article, you will know what Smite does in Minecraft 1.12. Then, you can see how smite works in Minecraft. Finally, you will learn how you can remove smite in Minecraft?

What Does Smite Do In Minecraft 1.12

Smite enchantment only works on swords and axes, and there are five primary levels. After the first level, each new level increases the damage by 2.5, which results in a real boost to your damage against undead mobs.

On the bedrock edition, the diamond sword starts working at base damage to 8%. Smite increase damage to 10.5 with a single hit. The diamond sword does 20.5 damage to undead mobs when you add the Smite V in it.

Minecraft contains many undead mobs, and it can be hard to remember which ones are indeed undead. You will run into these undead mobs:

  1. The Skeletons
  2. Zombies
  3. Zombie Villagers
  4. The Husks
  5. The Phantoms
  6. The Drowned
  7. Zeglins
  8. Wither
  9. Wither Skeletons
  10. The Zombie Pigeons

How can you Remove the Smite in Minecraft?

Smite and Sharpness are both beneficial charms for your main swords as both of them increase the damage the weapon deals. You know well that both of them are not better on a single blade. You will learn which one is best? Read the criteria;

We will tell you about how much Sharpness does smite show?

  • Sharpness level one cause 1% extra damage
  • Sharpness level two causes 1.5% damage
  • Sharpness level three deals with 2% damage
  • Sharpness level four deals with 2.5% damage
  • Sharpness level five deals with 3% damage

We hope now you have a clear image in your mind about the Sharpness and smite. Then, you can use the Smite under the creatures. Fighting with undead mobs like wither, skeleton, zombie, smite is the best option to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we put the smite on the bow?

No, no, you cannot apply to smite on a bow. It is only best for swords and axes. 

How much smite is good?

As per our thinking, Smite four is the perfect choice for damaging the undead mobs at a high level.

How good Smite 5 works?

The smite five is best instead of smiting four or three. Unfortunately, zombies, skeletons, and withers suffer severe damage due to this.

The Final Verdict

In our opinion, smite has more damage as compared to Sharpness level. If we talk about killing range, the smite damages undead creatures. On the other hand, the sharpness damages every mob in Minecraft.

As per our suggestion, you should choose Sharpness if you play a game in easy and normal mode. You may set it quickly. On the other hand, if you wish to play on a hard level, you should select the smite. In hard mode, it can work best.


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