This Is What Kirby’s New Kingdom Hearts Form Looks Like In Smash Bros. Ultimate

Kirby as Sora

Through the most current presentation for the new Smash Bros. Top DLC fighter Sora, game director Masahiro Sakurai revealed what his personal creation Kirby appears like when he employs his duplicate ability on the well-known Kingdom Hearts character.

In situation you did pass up this for the duration of the broadcast, this is a further glance, courtesy of the Nintendo Versus Twitter account. As you can see, Sora’s distinctive move ‘Magic’ is also on display screen – which includes all elemental variations of the neutral attack.

Is this what you were anticipating a Sora variation of Kirby to seem like? Share your thoughts down beneath and examine out our entire gallery of Kirby Smash transformations if you are intrigued to see the minimal dude in other guises.