The Quake remaster’s bot support is better now

The enhanced version of Quake, released in August to rejoice the game’s 25th anniversary, just obtained a key update. It improves the game’s bots, and adds bot aid for a bunch additional deathmatch maps, among other bug fixes.&#13

Bots have been one particular of the increased edition’s key new additions, and a whole lot of the variations in this patch are focused on creating them better. Bots should really now be far better at melee assaults, swimming and deciding on weapons, as effectively as handling elevators. Bot support has also been included for the adhering to levels:&#13

  • The Slipgate Advanced (E1M1)
  • Castle of the Damned (E1M2)
  • The Home of Chthon (E1M7)
  • The Elder God Shrine (E4M3)
  • Shub-Niggurath’s Pit (Stop)
  • The Edge of Oblivion (HIPDM1)
  • The Pumping Station (HIP1M1)

It also improves Dimension Of The Device, the new map pack incorporated in the re-release formulated by Device Online games. The variations add checkpoint spawns in co-op manner.&#13

There are a bunch of standard fixes, far too, including a lot quicker preserving. You can see the whole patch notes around on Steam.&#13

We celebrated Quake’s 25th birthday in our own way, by commissioning Robert Yang to write Quake Renaissance, a 3-part collection on the activity, its modding scene, and how you can finest delight in the ancient and superb FPS now.