How to Allocate More RAM to Modded Minecraft

How to Allocate More RAM to Modded Minecraft

The process of allocating more RAM to modded Minecraft is comparatively a straightway. And it can also give you smoother experiments around the panel along with the benefits of reduction in lag.

It’s a bit hard to allocate more RAM to modded Minecraft, which is detected for online play. Nonetheless, have you ever tried to find how to give more RAM to modded Minecraft?

If yes! You have pretty much managed to operate the puzzle to establish your own Minecraft server. Similarly, your time, sweat, tears, and blood come up with a fruitful result, and you got the latest version of JAVA. 

Either you are a newcomer in the room of servers or a little experienced. A step-by-step guide will lead you to how to allocate more RAM to modded Minecraft.  

Let’s dive into it.      

First and foremost, 

How much RAM needs to be Allocated to Modded Minecraft? 

First, you have to make up your mind about what you want and trying to do before getting into the detailed information about allocating more RAM to modded Minecraft. 

It might seem awkward to you, but a little mess around RAM allocation without a proper guide can cause you some unwanted effects, not on your server only but also on your computer.

On account of, first we need to check how much RAM we have to use for work.

If you are up with your Windows PC, you can go up by hitting the click on the start button, selecting the settings, and operating the bottom of the menu, and this will show you the “About” option. Bang it, and the screen will welcome you. 

There you will see your device’s RAM designation. Including all the information like how much RAM is ready to use. This bond can change among different versions of Windows, but the rule will be the same. 

And about the Mac, this is a similar story. 

  • Go to the Apple icon, top right. 
  • Just select “About” and operate to the RAM tab. 
  • By this, you will get to know how much is used RAM is how much remains. 

This data will advise the specific orders you used to allot more RAM to your Minecraft server, so you would prefer not to compromise!

How To Allocate More Ram To Modded Minecraft?

By Using Commands: 

Once you have made your mind, how much RAM your server can afford to allocate. You need to call up your old friend called command prompt. When you are on the PC, you will launch a modded Minecraft server through system commands; comparatively, on Mac, you can go up with Terminal. 

Further, after this will talk about the batch file or the shortcuts of Java.

Here now you have to do it insert the below code,

java -jar [your server file name].jar

This probably will launch your server, and this little code will help you change the allocated RAM.

Luckily, this is probably really straightforward. You should add a couple of extra snippets of data when you’re dispatching your server. Quite difficult, however fortunately for you, we have the specific code you’ll require here for you to duplicate into your Command Prompt/Terminal window.


  1. java -Xmx[RAM in MB]M -XMS[RAM in MB]M -jar [your server file name].jar
  2. 1 GB RAM Example: java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar [your server file name].jar
  3. 2 GB RAM Example: java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar [your server file name].jar

You’ll see all that is changed because we’ve added a couple of things in the first order. The following stage is to substitute the [RAM in MB] leaves behind, as you may have speculated, the measure of RAM you need to allocate to your Minecraft server in megabytes. 

In the model beneath, we’ve chosen to allocate 1 GB of RAM to the server. In megabytes, this is about 1024 MB, so that is the figure we’ve gone with:

Reading this guide and scrolling your eyes down might seem known to you, but some things remain to learn more. More than 1 GB you want to allocate, that’s not a big issue! 

This is quite simple: place the numbers in line with the amount of RAM you want. And next, calculating these in MB’s is pretty easy; just multiplication 1024 by the number of GB you need, and that’s it. The result is here!. 

As you can see from the model above, after entering this order. Your server should dispatch as ordinary (all things considered, not as typical – if the additional RAM has the ideal impact. You ought to be seeing a perceptible speed up the dispatch!). Further, You’ll have the option to hop into your Minecraft server with some additional help from your machine.

This is just as simple as it seems; we hope we are successful in correcting your mistakes. Now you are good to go about how you can allocate more RAM to modded Minecraft. Good luck! 

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