How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Server To Gain Super Power

How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Server

There is always a question in the mind of Minecraft game lovers: how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft servers to get more enjoyment?

Minecraft is well known for the last few years among game players. You can find that game on Windows, Android, Mac, or iOS platforms. Minecraft takes your 1 GB of RAM. It happens by default. For getting a great gaming experience, you need to allocate more RAM. 

Moreover, that’s not a big thing to do. Not only can an expert resolve that issue, but you can also. There are correct instructions to follow which make it possible. The 2.0.0 update allows you to increase Minecraft ram.

Furthermore, we should know first about the Minecraft server. The beginners don’t know anything about it. It’s a mode to play with multiple players. That online opportunity allows you to communicate with other players. It’s an advanced level to get experience in gaming.

In addition, you have to provide more tools for managing the server in case of hosting. There are many requirements for that purpose. Devoted servers, rented servers, LAN, and multiplayer software are involved in such changes. 

With all the above-mentioned many requirements, RAM is also a vital part of the wanted change. The additional RAM you require is 3 GB. The more virtual memory, the better results you can get. Hence, allocating more RAM to a Minecraft server leads to the best gaming experience.

How to Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Server Without Launcher

Want to know how to allocate more ram to the Minecraft server? To enhance the performance of your Minecraft game, more RAM is the only solution. For that sort of change, you need spare RAM for your computer. A simple task manager is required to enhance Minecraft server ram. That may need a simple struggle to get it done. Following all instructions given below; 

  1. Go to your computer to access the Minecraft server directory. It has a Minecraft_server.exe batch file. You can easily find the file location by searching the Minecraft server.
  2. You can find new items by pushing the Home tab. By selecting the text document, make a text file in the directory.  
  3. Type java -Xmx####M -Xms####M-exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true PAUSE in text document.
  4. As you know, 1GB=1024 MB. therefore, you need to put 3027 MB in the place of #### to add up to 3 GB to the Minecraft server.
  5. Save the doc by clicking the ‘Save As.’ Also, the type of all files should change. Use the extension of the file as .bat. Don’t use .txt. 
  6. That made the document convert into the new launcher. You can run the launcher by clicking on it.

By Using Default Launcher Method Allocating RAM to Minecraft Server

With the default launcher 10+ you need a compatible version of Java. It’s not possible to upgrade Minecraft server ram without Java on your computer. If you download Java 8 for 64 bit, your Minecraft server will get more RAM. 

You need to follow a few steps to make it possible:

  1. Go to the installations tab after opening Minecraft.
  2. After choosing the version you require, click on the 3 dots icon and then click edit.
  3. Through the ‘drop-down menu’ from ‘more options’, find JVM Arguments which are like that: ‘-Xmx2G-XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions.’
  4. If you see the command -Xmx2G, the 2 shows the RAM allocation amount. It means 2 GB is its available RAM. 
  5. You can easily replace the number with your desired RAM value as per your computer specification.

How To Give Minecraft Server More Ram With The Help of Twitch Desktop App

That is another great way to change the Minecraft server ram. You can make changes by the steps given below:  

  1. Open the Twitch Desktop app from your computer and in the top left corner click on the 3 dots icon. Select the jar file and select the settings.  
  2. From the Minecraft options tab choose the Java settings tab.
  3. You will find a Memory Allocated bar. The Minecraft server allocates more ram by dragging the bar. Check the capacity of your system before doing so.

How To Give A Minecraft Server More Ram with Other Launchers

There are few other ways to improve your game. Few more launchers are being used by the experts for your goal. All of the launchers contain 3 steps.   

1. Void Launcher

  1. From the right top corner of the page, find the options after opening the launcher.
  2. Then from the Minecraft option, change the amount of RAM to your required level.
  3. Now, that’s the time to launch your game with a great experience.

2. ATLauncher

  1. Click the settings at the bottom right after starting ATLauncher. 
  2. Direct to Minecraft tab or Java tab. You will find the location of your Maximum RAM allocation. 
  3. You are ready at that point to have a Minecraft mod server allocate more ram.

3. CurseForge App

  1. From the bottom left, click on the settings of the Curse App.
  2. Same as above, open the Java settings from the Minecraft tab.
  3. There will be an allocation memory bar. Drag the bar to add up the RAM amount which you want. But make sure your computer is capable of handling it. 

4. Technic Launcher

  1. Go to the Technic launcher options from the top right. 
  2. Go to find the allocated memory from Java settings. 
  3. In the end, start Minecraft server ram allocation according to your wish. After the change, launch the game.

5. FTB Launcher

  1. Click the “Options” from FTB Launcher.
  2. Find the maximum memory. 
  3. Keep the reasonable RAM amount as per your device specifications.

It’s not a difficult task to find how to allocate more ram to the Minecraft server. That simple process is even for beginners as well. As you study the method of how to give Minecraft server more ram. The RAM requirements are directly proportional to computer ability.

How to Give a Minecraft Server More RAM to a PC Operating System?

Last but not least, if you are running your server with low RAM, it won’t support the game users. So, how to give Minecraft more ram? If You have to decide to increase Minecraft server ram to assist the users then you need to do the following steps: 

Note that: Windows 10 Computers support that method. There are different ways for Linux and MAC-containing devices.

  1. Open server files of Minecraft from the folder.
  2. Select ‘New’ and then ‘Text Document’ after right-clicking the on black folder space. 
  3. Paste the following code in the document: 

“java-Xmx####M-Xms####M.exeMinecraft_Server.exe -o true”


Put the megabyte RAM amount in the place of “####.” Suppose, if you want to add up 2 GB, the code will be;

“java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true”


  1. Click on “Save As” after clicking on “File.” Now, replace the “Save As Type” to “All Files” and then save it.
  2. When the document will be saved, change the name of the folder to ‘fileserverlauncher.bat.’ java
  3. Click on the newly made .bat file to the server with the more installed ram.

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Common Problems

1. Limit of Launcher has RAM of 2 GB and does not allow more than that amount. 

That problem may come due to the selection of the wrong Java version. You need to Choose Java 8 for 64 bits. The issue will be resolved after doing so.

2. Game not responding

The reason for the issue is, there isn’t the right allocation of RAM. You need to give more in that case.


What’s the ideal RAM for the Minecraft server 10+?

The 1 GB Ram is good for Windows, but Linus should contain an additional 1 GB to run the game smoothly.

What is the significance of 2 GB RAM for a Minecraft server?

2 GB RAM is better for a small server. Minecraft’s servers are not compatible with less than 2 GB.

What’s the better amount of RAM for Hypixel?

2048 Megabytes is best for Hypixel.

How to allocate more ram to Minecraft server 1.16.5?

6 GB to 8 GB RAMs is best for such a server. The amount more than that is not helpful. As for the ram, it should be fine with 6GB and anything more than 8GB isn’t helpful at all or you may run modded gameplay but you can’t.

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