How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Java Edition

How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Java Edition

Since 2009, the game Minecraft has become the most popular. As other games lose popularity after some time. But Minecraft is increasing in popularity day by day. To play the game smoothly you need to have more ram usage. I’m about to tell you how to allocate more ram to Minecraft java edition in quick steps.

The popularity of the Minecraft game has resulted in which Minecraft clients have started to play on different hardware ‌configurations.

But RAM allocation is the main issue to smoothly running Minecraft on hardware devices. Therefore, you need some changes to get a smooth gaming experience. Here is a guide to help you allocate more ram to Minecraft java edition.

What are the Main Launchers of Minecraft

The 64-bit Java version should install on your computer. It’s free. Download it. Launchers will become easier to use with the latest version of Minecraft. You can allocate more RAM to Minecraft’s new launcher by reading the rest of this article.

Here is the list of Main Launchers

  1. Minecraft Java Version
  2. Technical launcher
  3. AT Launcher
  4. Minecraft server
  5. Twitch Launcher
  6. FTB Launcher

How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft Java Edition

The new launcher allocates just 2 GB of RAM to Minecraft. So you will face no RAM problem if you play only vanilla. However, suppose you try a lot of Minecraft mods, greedy shaders, or HD texture packs. Afterward, you might run into the problem of the allocated limit of RAM. As a result, your game can collapse.

No worries! I will tell you a simple way to increase Minecraft’s RAM allocation. But you should know the basic technical terms of Minecraft’s RAM. Follow these steps.


It’s a slightly different setting for how much RAM Minecraft will use on a server. ATLauncher does not integrate it. However, the process isn’t complicated.

RAM Capacity

Minecraft requires maximum RAM based on your computer. Therefore, it requires that you know your PC RAM. However, it’s easy to check out your PC RAM. 

How to Check RAM for Minecraft

How to check RAM in Windows:

  • Press WINDOWS + R together > Type ‘ dxdiag ‘
  • In a new window, you will see the installed RAM of your PC.

Using the command prompt to check memory

Use the Windows + R keys to bring up a run dialogue box. Type “cmd” in it, and click OK. The command prompt will appear. In the Command Prompt window, type: systeminfo | find “Total Physical Memory.”

How to check RAM on a Mac:

  • To check the available RAM on Mac. Choose “About This Mac” by clicking the Apple logo on your PC.

8 Steps to Allocate RAM to Minecraft JAVA Edition

1) I would recommend you open up the game client (the Java version).

2) On the user interface, select the installation Java settings tab.

3) Click the game’s icon. Then next, click the three dots. Finally, choose the version you want to do if you have more than one.

4) A drop-down menu will appear. After selecting edit, you will also see a new menu.

5) Scroll down to see more options.

6) You’ll see some options with text.

7) If you wish to set more RAM, change the -Xmx#G argument in the JVM argument. For example, suppose you wanted to allocate 4GB of RAM, you would modify the text to -Xmx4G.

8) Then click on Save.

Explanation Of Minecraft’s Ram Usage

In pixelated games, the number of assets can be nervous. In addition, the game will load each block individually so that memory usage will vary. As a result, you’ll get stutters, dropped frames, disconnects, and even crashes when your PC loads thousands of blocks at once.

The reason for this is that you don’t have enough RAM. Minecraft is different in this regard. Due to the number of assets loaded and what they do, these games use much memory. Logic gates are a good example. Imagine that you have a beautiful home design that is entirely beautiful.

It uses Restone or logic gates that work as an egg or animal farm. Even if the house two times bigger, then the farm will need more memory.

There is no other processing when you load the house. On the other way, farms more process during installing or storing the items like animal’s behavior. In simple words, the house load at one time, but farms are loads continuously.

When your PC doesn’t have enough RAM, that causes  FPS drops automatically.

If your RAM frequently loads, then your opponents can attack you. Therefore, I will suggest you increase your RAM usage to protect yourself from opponents.

You will have many blocks to load if you begin to build. Minecraft servers will need more RAM when creativity gets out of hand. Each time a player views the area, they will load.

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A good gaming experience is essential for you. Even so, if you face any trouble while allocating more ram to Minecraft Java Edition. Then, contact us or comment down for more information.
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