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Some words from the builder Jalaric1

Castle Dravulkan is positioned on a distant rock it lies significantly from civilization, considering the fact that it’s inhabited by the vampires. Castle Dravulkan is the safe and sound heaven for vampires, they can trade individuals and blood, and they can choose a rest in the dim dungeons below the mausoleum. The rock is regular of two sections, on the first rock lies the terrific mausoleum and resting spot of most vampires. On the other rock is a significant castle owned by the best vampire lord ever.

Warning: The map is not absolutely furnished! Will be extra in a following update soon!

We also produced a timelapse for this develop, it was our very first time so please bare with us! 🙂

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U really should use the right texturepack and use mcpatcher for the most effective excellent!

We are always searching for gifted builders!

-Jalaric making staff



U also have to have mcpatcher or optifine or some block may possibly appear very retarded! Be warned if u dont use it.